Et Lux in Tenebris Lucet

Soprano, Bass and Alto Flute, Vibraphone and Percussion.

Level:  Advanced

Each of us has a moment in our life when you are in a very dark spot and at times it feels like the light at the end is not shining very bright, nor is it moving very closely to you. This piece tells the story of working through that darkness and opening up to the light. Many people rallied around me in 2000 when I lost the ability to follow my passion as a performing artist. As I redirected my passion for performing to composing new music, I found a new love for music that allowed those same juices to flow through me once again. Let the light represent the triumph over the years of aggression, depression, and longing I trenched through. The text was chosen from a book I read by Viktor Frankl entitled "Man's Search for Meaning." The book is a tale of the author's journey through the concentration camps. More specifically, the camp at Terezin, where many of the musicians were taken, resonated with him because of their ability to use their art to comfort and distract them from the terrible acts going on around them.

"Et lux in tenebris lucet."
The light shineth in the darkness.

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