The Small Ones' Shoes

In memory of Auschwitz Concentration Camp 1999

For String Quartet

As you pier across the cold, brash, emptyness of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, on a gloomy fall November afternoon, you see a Weeping Willow tree standing alone in the middle of the dirt and gravel square. You can't help but wonder, the sorrow and agony this tree has seen. As you touch the leaves, the frailty and gentleness, the helplessness as the wind blows, an image of a child appears. The small fraille bones and utter hopelessness they felt as the stood there, alone, parentless, starving, and freezing nearly to death. Their only sense of warmth is the barracks of mud, wood frames, and plywood beds, they were allowed to enter only before lights out. their feet wrapped in cloth or leaves they may have found in the square. Their shoes, taken from them upon entering the camp, in heaps in a barracks they are unable to enter.

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